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Human Capital Strategy Training – old

We have created a number of Human Capital Strategy Training programs that we use primarily in our StrategicHRCoach program.

These training programs are used, if and when necessary, and form part of the full development path that we create with you on the StrategicHRCoach program.  Each training program is “stand alone”, but has specific learning outcomes that are relevant to the next phase of the StrategicHRCoach program.

These training programs include:

Creating a Career Development Roadmap™

A program that help you to put a Career Development Roadmap™ together for your organisation that encourages development – laterally as well as vertically – and shows your workforce that you take their career development seriously.  A Career Development Roadmap™ is not the Organisation Structure Chart – it is much more, and a fundamental element on the road to Optimised Human Capital Management.

Creating a Competency Matrix

Another fundamental element on the road to Optimised Human Capital Management.  The Competency Matrix maps out how competencies are developed through the Career Development Roadmap™.  The Competency Matrix not only guides the development of competencies across the organisation, but also shows which competencies are in which jobs – extremely useful when looking for specific competencies needed for special tasks or projects!

Introduction to Planning

Planning is a complex process that can take many forms.  There are different kinds of planning and different ways of planning, and different planning tools.  Know what kind of planning is needed for a specific situation is a skill in itself.  This program is intended to help you to recognise what kinds of planning and tools you need for different situations.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the core of the work of an organisation.  Without a strategic framework you don’t know where you are going or why you are going there – so it doesn’t really matter how you get there!  A strategy gives you a framework within which to work, it clarifies what you are trying to achieve and the approach you intend to use.  It does not spell out specific activities.  This program offers you a way to do detailed strategic planning that is an overall approach, based on an understanding of the broader context in which you function, your strengths and weaknesses, and the problem you are attempting to address.

Action Planning

Action planning is the planning that guides your day-to-day work.  Without a strategic framework you don’t know where you are going or why you are going there.  But without an action plan, it is likely that the strategic plan will remain a grand dream and you won’t get there anyway!  This program aims to help you to create detailed, useful action plans, and takes you through a process that can by used for any activity or project.

Monitoring and Evaluation

“What gets Measured gets Managed!”- Peter Drucker  What’s the point of having a Strategic Plan and Action Plans if you don’t measure and monitor that they are achieving the desired results? This program deals with the “nuts and bolts” (the basics) of setting up and using a monitoring and evaluation system for a project or an organisation.  It clarifies what monitoring and evaluation are, how you plan to do them, how you design a system that helps you monitor and an evaluation process that brings it all together usefully. It looks at how you collect the information you need and then how you save yourself from drowning in data by analysing the information in a relatively straightforward way.  Finally it raises, and attempts to address, some of the issues to do with taking action on the basis of what you have learned.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is a method that is used to address a problem or non-conformance, in order to get to the “root cause” of the problem. It is used so we can understand the cause (or causes) at a fundamental level in order to correct or eliminate the cause, and prevent the problem from recurring.  There are a number of methologies used for Root Cause Analysis.  We will look at each of them in the program and then follow one methodology to better understand the meaning of “Root Cause” and know the steps used to identify the root cause of problems.

All of our programs have “toolkits” that you use on the program and then transfer back to the workplace to use in your work on a continuing basis.

Make an appointment to discuss how these programs can be used effectively in YOUR organisation. Or just send us an email and we will contact you.

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