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Practical, Holistic, Innovative business change

Modern Organisation Development (OD) advice, solutions, services and products, at the intersection of business, technology, and people, to help you “Future Fit” your Organisation.

New Solutions for 2023

Holistic Change Facilitaion – Realise the ROI of your Change Initiatives with a proven, modern, agile, collaborative, and neuro-science-based approach

Strategy Execution with OKRsBecome one of the 30% of organisations that accomplish your Strategy

OD-as-a-Service (ODaaS)
One of the top 10 capabilities needed by organisations through this decade. Available to you on an ODaaS basis.

Management is still struggling with leading a “work-from-anywhere” workforce. But it need not be so.

Our Solutions

Our unique combination of expertise in IT, Finance, Digitalisation, Projects, Sales, Change Management and People Operations, enables us to develop solutions designed to map into our clients strategy for organisation success today and into the future.

Holistic Change Facilitation

Despite the introduction of sophisticated change models over the past 30 years, these have had little or no impact on the average failure rate of change / transformation projects which is still around 70%!

Launching multiple, linear, single-change efforts and hoping that things will work out doesnt work. To succeed at Complex, Continuous, Transformational Change we need something different. Read more …

“Successful Strategy Execution”

Research shows that just 10% to 30% of organisations actually achieve their strategy! And, the problem lies with Strategy Execution.

Strategy Execution has become a hot topic with senior executives revealing that effective strategy execution is one of their most challenging matters. Find out how we can help youRead more …


When planned carefully and strategically, “Work-from-Anywhere” has the potential to take your organisation to a new level of productivity

How can we expand the organisation’s access to talent, improve diversity, improve engagement, and improve organisation performance? How might we improve access to much needed talent? These are the questions to which we help you find solutions.   Read more …

“OD-as-a-Service (ODaaS)”

Organisation Development (OD) – the study and implementation of practices, systems, and techniques that affect organisational change with the goal of improving effectiveness, performance and/or culture.

Identified as one of the top 10 skills organisations need to become “Future Fit”. We provide this service to your organisation on an OD-as-a-Service Basis. Read more …

Our Methodology

Our methodology is predominantly modern, lean, and agile.  We believe we achieve more by tackling tasks in small, iterative cycles where we learn, relearn, and apply continuous improvement.

Our methodology has 2 elements:

  • The Lean Change Cycle, and
  • Our Pyramid of Change.

To understand how we will be working with you, please have a look at our Methodology in the KnowledgeBase. Read more ….

Our Services

Our products and services are incorporated into our solutions when and where relevant but, are also offered on a stand-alone basis. We offer services in 5 different areas of Organisation Development:

  • Assessment and Measurement
  • Organisation Design – Tomorrow’s Workforce Today
  • Future Leadership
  • Agile OD and HR
  • Accountability Coaching

To read more, click on any of the headings below:

Organisation Capability Maturity Assessment and Modelling

More effective transformation management by knowing where to start, what to do next – and why!

Designing Reconfigurable Organisations

A new and different approach to Organisation Design and Structural Agility

Strategic Career Framework Design and Implementation

Lack of career opportunity is the No 1 reason that people leave organisations today

Change Facilitation with the
OKR Framework

A modern method that aligns everyone with change and enables participation to create the desired future.

Role and Competency Definition and Profiling

Defining the building blocks of the Reconfigurable Organisation.

Human Capital Score Card

Presenting essential “people”-related data for times of change, competition, and rapid

Agile OD and HR

Improve flexibility and innovation with Agile in OD, HR and throughout the organisation.

The Design Sprint

Fast-forward innovation and rapidly solve big challenges, create new products, or improve existing ones.

Leading in the New Ways of Working

Developing the new skills needed by leaders and managers for the New Ways of Managing

Managing a Hybrid Workforce

Skills to enable and empower leaders to successfully manage a hybrid workforce – now and into the future.


Ensure the sustainability of OD interventions and achievement of goals

More Information

If you would like to know more about how we can help you improve the success rate of your transformation projects and strategy execution, please complete the form below and we will be in touch directly.