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Executive’s Guide to Flexible Organisations for the NWoW

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“Every company needs an organisation which changes as quickly as its business changes. If not, the company is falling behind.  In order to keep from falling behind, many companies are devoting enormous amounts of time and energy in “Change Management”.  This change task can be made less difficult and less time consuming if some of the change effort focused on designing organisations from the outset to be more easily changeable.  If change is constant, why not design our organisations to be constantly and quickly changeable?”
Jay Galbraith “Designing a Reconfigurable Organisation.”

I believe that we can produce flexible organisations by applying 4  well-known frameworks being used in other contexts and disciplines, but make sense for the purpose of organisation flexibility:

  • Business Agility
  • Design Thinking
  • Object Orientation, and
  • Organisation Capabilities.

This ebook is about how these frameworks can be applied to create Flexible Organisations.