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Digital transformation tops the staffing agenda in 2021 – IT-Online

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Digital Transformation touches so many parts of the organisation:

  • IT/Digital – generally plays a lead role and is responsible for providing the technical skills that drive the project
  • Employees – need to be reskilled in the digital transformation process as it generally means changes in processes and they “way they work”
  • Customers – have new and improved ways of working with the organisation, but it is also a learning curve
  • HR/People Operations – are responsible for ensuring that the organisation has the right skills, in the right numbers at the right time

How ready is your organisation for all of these changes?  Is the Change Capability Maturity of the organisation actually capable of absorbing the changes such that they become sustainable?

These are key questions, the answers to which dictate the success or otherwise of the digital transformation initiative.

Source: Digital transformation tops the staffing agenda in 2021 – IT-Online

Our Change Capability Maturity model and assessment can assist with answering these questions and helping you achieve sustainable success with your digital transformation journey.

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