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The world has changed.  We now live in a Digital World.

Digital business is the modern form of business – a significant deviation from the traditional, established norm.

This model is customer-centric and leverages data and technology for value creation and addition, thereby giving an entirely different customer and user experience.

It’s a shift from physical products, processes and locations, to digital products, automated processes and a global marketplace.

And, the way people connect has changed – forever.  Our expectations have changed:

  • Our world today is about choices, not rules
  • It’s about customisation, not generalisation
  • And, it’s about freedom, not conformity.

The “Digital-by-Default” Journey

The “Digital-by-Default” journey moves organisations from the “Old Way” of profit-driven, stakeholder return obsessed, intolerant of failure and top-down hierarchies to the new way, driven by continuous change and improvement, customer-obsession, data driven, and a learning organisation not afraid of innovation, experimentation and failure.

So, the question being asked across all boardrooms in Europ and Africa today is …

If you’re saying NO to “Digital-by-Default” …  What are you saying YES to?

This third-wave of digitalisation moves away from merely digitising the existing business.  It is about disrupting the eco-system by accelerated automation of everything.

“Digital-by-Default” Executive Retreat

And that is why we have created the “Digital-by-Default” Executive Retreat – The “Digital-by-Default Road to Basecamp”. It is a meeting designed and organised specifically to facilitate the ability of your organisations executives and decision-makers to step back from their day-to-day demands and activities for a few hours of concentrated discussion, dialogue, and strategic thinking about the organisation’s digital future.

The retreat is loosely organised around the following points:

  • Our future “Digital-by-Default” organisation – what could it look like?
  • Where are we now?
  • Bridging the Gap
    • What Capabiilties will be needed?
    • What are the critical Enablers?
  • Our “Digital-by-Default” Roadmap
    • What does the roadmap look like?
    • How do we Prioritise?
    • What are the Measures of Success?

And the Outcome is is a framework of capabilities and enablers, personalised to your industry, and your organisation specifically, that enables the organisation’s leaders to create a set of change objectives for a powerful and lasting digital journey.

Our framework focusses not just on achieving an outcome, it focuses on developing the critical DNA that makes “Digital-by-Default” successful and sustainable in your organisation:

  • Digital Mindset – a mindset that is spearheaded, sold and supported by the Executive Team
  • Culture – accepting Digital as “the way we do things here”
  • Talent – capacitating the organisation with a pool of digital talent
  • Clear Goals – starting with business goals based on the question “Why?”
  • Technology – researching the understanding the full technology stack and security requirements
  • Short Decision Timelines – having a goal and expectation, but understanding that things change and having the flexibility to change direction when necessary

If you would like to know more, watch this short, 6-minute video:

If you would like to have a Breakthrough Session with us about how to strategise your “Digital-by-Default” journey, click here.

Of if you would like to organise a “Digital-by-Default” Executive Retreat for your organisation, or just find out a bit more, please email us, or call us on +27836546480, or complete the form below and we will be in touch directly.

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