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CORE™ APM 15-Part Training Program

3 students
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Our CORE™ APM (CORE™ Agile People Management) program is designed for Managers, Trainers, and HR professionals who are part of an Agile  transformation and want to become more knowledgeable about the world of Lean | Agile People Management to be able to support and facilitate effective people transformation.  During the 15-part program, attendees will use Agile Development techniques – learning and doing – and apply Agile ways of working to gain a solid understanding of Lean | Agile People Management and its impact on and potential for people management.  If you need to understand:

  • How people strategy and people operations need to change when working in a company embracing the Agile values
  • How performance management, recruitment, learning and development, compensation and benefits work in Agile environments
  • The way employee engagement and motivation are used and applied
  • The specific skills needed to run an agile transformation from a people perspective
  • Is there still a need to do succession planning in the future?

Then this is the program for you.

So, what you will get from the CORE™ APM program is,  you will:

  • Understand the drivers of Agile People
  • Understand the difference between Strategic Drivers and Operational Drivers
  • Use Agile tools and methods to put these in place
  • Comfortably and confidently discuss and address Agile People issues in the organisation
  • Learn and Do – you will attend a short program then go off and produce some work …
  • … then come back the next week, add some more learning, and go off and add to the doing
  • This IS the Agile method of learning and development – and you will experience it first hand
  • Until you finally produce your Agile Plan that can be implemented in your organisation





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