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CORE Agile People Framework™

TalentAlign’s CORE Agile People FrameworkTM is a framework that is used to make sure that, when you “Go Agile”, all aspects of People Management are taken into account.

Agile is about People.  Yes there are numerous Agile methodologies that are used differently when setting up Agile processes in organisations.  But all too often, the People side of “Going Agile” is just not included leading to “less than successful” Agile transformations.

We don’t believe that Agile transformations fail exactly, we believe that they just take longer and cost more than anticipated.  We believe that this is because, when they are planned, the people aspects are not fully taken into consideration.  It is just expected that:

  • People will easily adapt to an Agile environment
  • People (HR) processes used for the past number of years will still be appropriate in an Agile environment
  • There’s no need to define careers – people will adapt as they move on
  • It should be totally flexible – no rules – just values and principles

Sadly, this just isn’t so.  The CORE Agile People Framework™ is here to help you through this.  It’s not a set of lessons, it’s not something that you can just copy and do, it’s rather something to experience – to help you to think, understand, and create the people environment that you need for successful Agile transformation.

To learn more about the CORE Agile People Framework™ click here – and we will take you on a new journey of discovery.  Go on, don’t wait – Agile certainly isn’t waiting for you!  You owe it to yourself and your people to do it right.  Go on – click here now!