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The Home of Agile People Management in Africa

Going Agile? People Transformation is our Speciality!

Your place, your time, our pace!

Everything you want and need to know about managing people in an Agile workplace.  No travel, no sitting in crowded seminar rooms, no trying to cram a lot of information into 2 days. Be the best Agile People Manager that you can be. Click here to learn about our CORE™ Agile People Management online training program.

We’ve created this website to assist business leaders who are transitioning to an Agile business model from a People Transformation perspective.  You want to know that, going forward, you will be able to attract, grow and retain the top Agile talent and offer them the best remuneration, development, and career opportunities that the organisation can offer.  And you want to know that our knowledge, process and methodology can help you to achieve that.

We don’t only “talk Agile” – we ARE “Agile”. So, our processes are necessarily Agile.
When we start working with you, we set up one or more Masterminds.  Why Masterminds?  Let me explain.

Masterminds were “created” by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” in which he wrote “once two or more minds get together, a third, way more powerful mind is created; one that can push itself way further than any individual’s could do on its own.”  Our Masterminds use the collective and synergistic minds of the group to innovate, create, resolve problems and, in general, create more than any single person in the group could have achieved on their own.  Each member of the group incorporates all the thoughts of the group.

Why We are Different

Our material is based on the latest research in AGILE PEOPLE MANAGEMENT which ensures that you are kept current

We ALIGN ourselves with the leaders, BOTH Business and HR, to ensure highest quality input and relevance

We focus on the CORE REQUIREMENTS of Agile People Management to ensure business success through people

Our MASTERMIND process ensures transfer of knowledge as well as group discussion as well as practical work

We stay with you to ensure that plans are IMPLEMENTED and you achieve your outcomes

The way forward is easy because of the PRACTICAL nature of our FRAMEWORK and the methods we provide to ensure sustainability

The flexibility of our CORE™ Agile People Management (CORE™ APM) guarantees experience, skills and expertise without the overheads.

To learn more about our CORE™ Agile People Management (CORE™ APM) program, click the button below.

Learn about TalentAlign's
CORE™ Agile People Management™

We have also created a FREE Agile HR Mastermind - for people who are not necessarily implementing right now, but are looking for more information and experience from peers.

Why TalentAlign is Right for You

TalentAlign understands that, whether you're a business that started Agile but finding it difficult to sustain as you grow, or an established business in the process of, or thinking about, "Going Agile", new and different processes are going to be necessary that impact your people - your Human Capital.  To get this "People Transformation" right, you are going to need specialist Agile People Management capability that is not always available within the organisation.

To develop these capabilities, we have created the CORE™ Agile People Management framework, or CORE™ APM for short.  CORE™ APM is a framework - not a model and not a "best practise" model, but a framework that helps to guide you through the process of creating Agile HR in your organisation.  We call it the CORE of Agile Transformation, because it deals with the component that adds the greatest value and contributes the most to the success of Agile Transformation ... the PEOPLE!

If you are:

  • Frustrated the way that jobs and job titles just keep changing – especially now with Agile?
  • Irritated because your top Agile skills leave for a more attractive job title?
  • Concerned at how to define a well-articulated career structure in an Agile environment?
  • Feeling let down because traditional Remuneration practices just don't work in the new world of Agile?
  • Worried that your traditional Talent Management is missing the mark in your Agile workplace?
  • Feeling a bit like a square peg in a round hole in this new Agile world?
  • Feeling a little bit lost because traditional people management practices just don’t seem to work in an Agile workplace?
  • Embarrassed, or even maybe a little intimidated, when you don’t have solutions for Agile people issues?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, CORE™ APM can help you, and can help you achieve success a lot faster than without it.

To learn more about our CORE Agile People Framework™ (CORE APF™), click the button below.

Learn about TalentAlign's
CORE Agile People Framework™
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