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So, you don’t really need the full CORETM Agile People Management program right now.

You are just needing to learn more about one or other elements of Agile People Management.

Then the Workshops are for you.  Each of our workshops focusses on one aspect of  CORETM Agile People Management and we cover the aspect as fully as time allows – depending on the format that you choose.

There are 3 formats and 2 styles for our workshops:

Format Style
  1. 1-hour Introductory.  This is a brief overview and introduction to the specific topic.
  2. 3-hour (or half day).   These cover the topic in more detail.
  3. 6-hour (or full day).  The full-day workshops cover the topic in some detail and include exercises to practice the learning.
  1. Mastermind—Learn while doing, Do while Learning
  2. Face-to-face
  3. Live online

Our workshops topics are:

  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum – Face to Face only this is a very practical session
  • Agile Talent Management – an overview of Agile Talent Management and defining an Agile Talent Management strategy
  • Performance Management for the NWOW – an introduction to new ways of management performance and systems that organisations like Google attribute for their success
  • Agile Remuneration – creating a fair and transparent remuneration system that meets the needs of people working in Agile workplaces
  • Agile Recruitment –
  • Agile Learning and Development – how learning is changing in organisations and what is needed to create an Agile Learning Organisation.
  • Agile Leadership – the old style of “command and control” no longer leads to high performance teams and successful, sustainable organisations – what do leaders have to unlearn and relearn to lead effectively in this new way of working
  • Agile Career and Competency Management – still one of the top ways of retaining top talent – Agile does not mean no career pathing, it means different career pathing – how can this be achieved to ensure that you retain you top and best talent
  • 5-Steps to the C-Suite – the time has never been more right than right now for HR professionals to “have a seat at” the C-Suite table, but doing what we’ve always done is not going to get us there – what steps do you need to take to get you to one of the most influential positions in organisations today.

Please complete the form below if you would like us to hold one of our workshops in your organisation, or, if you would just like to know more about them.

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