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The Digital Value Guardian: CEOs and Digital Transformations

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A really insightful article appeared in my inbox this morning from McKinsey entitled “The digital-value guardian: CEOs and digital transformations”.

The article starts with:

“An inconvenient truth for businesses undertaking digital transformations is that without focused and active CEO commitment, there is almost no chance of success. That’s because a digital transformation is a business-model reinvention that requires different functions across the organization to work together in new ways, and can happen only through large-scale investments in building an entirely new set of capabilities. The only person who can make that level of sustained change happen is the CEO.”

The article then explains 5 critical areas where CEOs need to focus their attention to enable their digital transformation to be one of the 30% successful interventions.

And, the article ends with:

Digital is not a destination; it’s a permanent state of operating based on learning and adapting faster than the competition. But that can happen only if CEOs act as digital guardians of their business’s transformation.”

This is exactly our focus in our “Digital-by-Default” solution.  There are 3 ways that you can find out more about how we can work with you to be part of the 30% successful and not part of the 70% failures:

  1. To set up a day and time to have a “breakthrough” session with us on your digital transformation journey, click here.
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We look forward to working with you to make your digital transformation the success it deserves to be.