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TalentAlign Essentials – Mini-training videos

TAELogoSmallTalentAlign Essential consists of a number of short 10 to 15 minutes videos aimed at guiding IT Managers in the management of their IT people and getting a return on their investment in IT Human Capital.

In 2005, people costs were just 30% of the IT budget.  Today people costs are 60% to 80% of the IT budget.  It has never been more important than today for IT Management to take responsibity for driving value through their people and getting a return on their investment in their IT Human Capital.

We will be adding and changing videos as the industry changes to try to ensure that you get the latest information from TalentAlign.

  1. TalentAlign Essentials – Laying the Foundation.  This video  explains the purpose of TalentAlign Essentials, and gives a brief introduction to the planned future videos.  To view this video – click here.
  2. TalentAlign Essentials – Why Human Capital?  The term “Human Capital” is much used, but not well understood.  We explain the source of this term, and what it should mean to business and IT Human Capital Management.  The principles established in this video are used in future TalentAlign Essentials training programs as well as our full programs.  To view this video – click here.

More videos will be made available over the next weeks.  Keep you eye on this page, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep you up-to-date.