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Talent Management – 8 Steps to Maximise Investment with Talent Management

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There is confusion about what Talent Management really is in the marketplace.  Some people refer to all the processes in the Employee Life Cycle as Talent Management.  Others believe that Talent Management is a process all on its own.  So what REALLY is Talent Management and how can we use Talent Management to maximise Return on Investment?

We believe that Talent Management lies in between these two concepts.

Talent Management is about DIFFERENTIATION!  What do we mean by Differentiation?  We mean identifying the different categories of staff from a Talent Management perspective, and then investing where the organisation will maximise return on that investment.

Talent Management starts with Competency Management and the 9-box matrix – or a derivative of, and there are plenty of those.  But if you don’t have and use Competency Management and the 9-box (or a derivative), you’re not even on the road to effective Talent Management.

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