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Human Capital Management Assessments

We use a number of Human Capital Management Assessments to guage where your Human Capital Management practices are at the time, so that we, together, will be able to agree your journey to your destination.
These include:

Organisational Effectiveness

Our Organisational Effectiveness Assessment measures the level to which the organisation’s strategy drives performance. It also measures the commitment of management and staff to achieving Organisational Effectiveness, the strength of relationships between the different organisational stakeholders, and the extent to which Organisational Effectiveness is managed within the organisation.

Human Capital Management Maturity Assessment

Organisations today are competing in two markets – one for their products and services, and the other for the “talent” required to produce or perform them.  Your organisation’s success in the business market is determined by its success in the “talent” market.  The HCM CMM is a framework for implementing Talent Management practices to increasing levels of maturity.

The “People Capability Maturity Model” was created by CMMI in 2009.  This model maps a route for Human Capital Management through five phases.  Our assessments help to establish which phase the organisation is on currently in order to understand the route necessary to the next phase.  Each phase is assessed before progressing to the next phase so the Human Capital Management develops in a structured and planned manner leading to Optimised Human Capital Strategy and Management.

HCMI Assessments

We use the HCMI battery of assessments that, together, assess the overall readiness of the organisation for Strategic Human Capital Management using Workforce Intelligence.

The world is moving toward establishing “measures of success”, and managing on those measures.  Most top performing organisations today having mapped their “road” to Workforce Intelligence.  So you should be too.

These assessments analyze and estimate the scope of company workforce risk through evaluation of organization knowledge, practices, measurement, data integration, performance, benchmarking, resources and analysis.  We evaluate all areas of the employee life cycle and HR processes, existence of key risk, stabilization and control factors, business results attributable directly and indirectly to workforce management practices. These Assessments are a key component in identifying and assessing an organization’s position and maturity in The Human Capital Analytic Excellence Journey.

The HCMI assessments help to understand WHERE you are right now, and WHAT needs to be put in place to set you on the road to Workforce Intelligence.  These assessments include:

  • Systems Standards and Process – this Assessment reviews the systems that you have in place – all systems, not just HR systems – the Standards that are in place that enable integration between the systems, and the processes that link the systems and enable flow of data between the systems.
  • Workforce Knowledge – this Assessment looks at the current level of knowledge about the workforce including structure and application of Talent Management practices.
  • Organisational Readiness – looks at current reporting – how it’s done, what data is used, who gets the reports, and how they are used.
  • Optimisation and Best Practice – assesses the organisations current use of metrics and analytics, the availability of analytic resources, and the level to which these are used to manage Organisational Performance.

For more information on the Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI), click here.

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