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Workforce Intelligence Tool Sets

Talent Analytics Products and Tool Sets

Workforce ROI Calculator™

The first-ever quick and easy to use advanced analytics tool that quantifies the financial impact of your workforce interventions.  Forecast cost savings and value creation scenarios for the entire organization, entity, or business unit, and for specific position groups or critical job roles.

The purpose of the Workforce ROI Calculator™ is to provide HR and Finance professionals a straightforward tool to analyze and predict workforce cost and value implications. Finance organizations have been using standard net present value (NPV), return on investment (ROI), and internal rate of return (IRR) templates and calculation models for decades.  Yet no such calculator has existed to quantify or support data driven decision making for the workforce – until now!  Contact us NOW to learn how you can measure and manage your Human Capital interventions.

Workforce Planning Tools

HCMI’s proprietary Workforce Planning Templates model workforce supply and demand based on workforce cost, company financial projections, headcount and workforce skills. These scenario-based modelling tools project workforce demand and supply drivers to identify critical issues and gaps.  These advanced Workforce Planning Templates and TalentAlign’s focused expertise enable you to optimize headcount and cost models, and rapidly achieve your strategic business and financial objectives.

The Workforce Planning Templates trend Total Cost of Workforce against an organization’s projected strategic plan by optimizing financial and workforce scenarios. These advanced templates link traditional headcount planning, workforce skills analysis, and financial models to provide an integrated workforce planning perspective.

Are you involved in your organisation’s Workforce Planning?  Contact us to find out how you can do this quickly, easily and more accurately using  the Workforce Planning Templates.

Human Capital Financial Statements (HCF$™)

As a manager, would you not like to have the answers to these questions?

  • How do you quantify the impact human capital has on financial performance?
  • How do human capital metrics integrate with commonly accepted financial metrics?
  • How do you measure total workforce costs to drive workforce effectiveness and efficiency?
  • How do you quantify value creation in the organization across the talent management life cycle?
  • What is the impact of training on profit, productivity and total human capital value?
  • What is the differential human capital value creation of different job roles?
  • How do you measure workforce flow, changes, and growth like a cash flow statement?

Three unique statements collectively known as Human Capital Financial Statements (HCF$™) enable you to report human capital information:

  • Human Capital Impact Statement – The human capital peer or supplement to the income statement, measuring quarterly or annual impact of human capital on financial performance.
  • Human Capital Asset Statement – Like a balance sheet, this statement clearly and concretely quantifies the total value of the workforce. It breaks down differential value contributions by job category and can drill down into critical job roles at a micro level.
  • Human Capital Flow Statement – Similar to a cash flow statement, this schedule traces the flow of human capital across multiple dimensions by period such as a quarter or year, showing where and how human capital is allocated and used in an organization.

Best practice organisations are using these statements before it becomes compulsory, to improve investor confidence and boost organisational value. Become a best practice organisation now, contact us for more information.


  • How do you measure the value of talent and your efforts to manage that talent?
  • How is Productivity quantified?
  • And on which workforce areas should you focus?

For many organizations, the workforce is the biggest asset. Yet we continue to struggle to quantify the value of workforce decisions. Until now…..

Solve enables you to rapidly perform advanced analytics and planning and enable true data driven decision making for the workforce.

The only way to truly value talent is to make connections between human capital, business, and financial data.  Solve not only makes those connections, but also provides groundbreaking tools to analyze and predict your most critical workforce factors.

Get ahead of your competition contact us now to learn how your organisation can benefit by using Solve.