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Our programs are focussed on developing the IT Management skills that are needed for Agile and Lean Management.  They are intended to build capacity inhouse so that, at the end of each program, you will not only have achieved the planned goal, but you will also be able to repeat the program in-house whenever needed in the future.

The aim of the TalentAlign Programmes is to help IT Managers in the new world of Agile – new and seasoned – learn about and understand the key issues of managing their No 1 resource – their Human Capital in this changed environment.

The program are all based on the same structure and format:

  • 4 x 3 to 4-hour sessions consisting of 1 hour learning and 2 to 3 hours facilitation – to learn the principles and then apply those principles to your specific environment to come up with a plan that can be implemented directly
  • 7 x 1-hour Accountability Coaching sessions – to ensure that the plan is implemented and the organisation realises a return on investment in the program.

Our programs are:

  • IT Human Capital Strategy – in which you will define and implement a Human Capital Strategy for your IT business area – essential for the New World of Work
  • IT Career and Competency Management – in which you will design a Competency Matrix and define Career Paths for the IT people in your IT business area
  • IT Performance Management – in which you will learn about our 3-Tier Performance Management system that help you to manage the future performance of your IT business area
  • IT Workforce and Succession Planning – in which you will define a Workforce and Succession plan for your IT business area taking the Agile environment into account
  • The IT/HR Business Partner – in which you and your IT/HR Business Partner learn more about each other and work effectively to improved IT Human Capital Management for your IT business area

To learn more about our programs, or to register yourself or your organisation for any of these programs, please contact us.