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IT Skills Stocktake Assessments

Is your IT organisation going through a transition – for instance, Agile transition.  Then one of the things you need right now is a “Stocktake” of the skills that you have available to you so that you will better understand the development journey that needs to be undertaken.

We use a number of different Assessments to guage, not only what skills and competencies exist in your organisations at a point in time, but also where your Human Capital Management practices are at the time, so that we, together, will be able to agree your journey to your desired destination.

Competency Assessment

We use 2 methods of Competency Assessment – Behavioural Interviews and the 360 Assessment.

Behavioural Interview Assessment

The Behavioural Interview is a popular approach to assess a candidate or employee’s past experiences and judge his/her response to similar situations on a future job.
This variety of interviewing is based on the premise that past performance in comparable circumstances is the best predictor of future performance.
Rather than ask hypothetical questions, interviewers ask more specific, focused questions to elicit concrete examples of desired behaviours from the past.
The benefits of using a behavioural interview technique are:

  • Using the ITJobCompiler™ Competency Profile, it is easy to implement and the data collected will be more relevant with less reliance on subjective impressions or opinions
  • Research has shown that behaviour-based interviewing is considered more valid than other interviewing methods and is able to predict a candidate’s potential for success in a more accurate way
  • Questions can be well organised and planned in advance and a more objective rating will be possible making the process more efficient, consistent and reliable
  • You will focus only on those specific competencies that are relevant to the job
  • Since this method is considered more valid, it will also reduce expensive turnover in the long term
  • All candidates are asked the same questions and will be assessed against the same set of job-related competencies making for an accurate, fair and consistent selection
  • You will easily be able to meet legal guidelines for fair employment practices

The Behavioural Interview assessment is also one of the most cost-effective of all assessments.

360 Assessment

The 360 assessment is considered to be one of the fairest forms of assessment available today in that it asks for input from a variety of sources, including an incumbents manager, to provide a broader perspective

The basis for this method is the same as for Competency-based self-assessment. The only difference is that the validation and feedback the employee receives is much wider as this method includes input from:

  • The employee’s direct manager or supervisor
  • Peers
  • Internal and external clients
  • Subordinates, and
  • Other categories as identified per position.

A 360° review (also called 360° feedback) is a very powerful tool for ascertaining your employees’ proficiency levels and providing them with developmental feedback.
According to experts in this field, this method can be recommended to all levels of the organization on condition that best practices are followed for implementation. You will get an excellent depth and spread of information.

Skills Assessment

For technical skills assessments we use popular online services that cover a full range of up-to-date technologies and that can be customised to your specific requirements.

Organisational Effectiveness

Our Organisational Effectiveness Assessment measures the level to which the organisation’s strategy drives performance. It also measures the commitment of management and staff to achieving Organisational Effectiveness, the strength of relationships between the different organisational stakeholders, and the extent to which Organisational Effectiveness is managed within the organisation.

Human Capital Management Maturity Assessment

Organisations today are competing in two markets – one for their products and services, and the other for the “talent” required to produce or perform them.  Your organisation’s success in the business market is determined by its success in the “talent” market.  The HCM CMM is a framework for implementing Talent Management practices to increasing levels of maturity.
The “People Capability Maturity Model” was created by CMMI in 2009.  This model maps a route for Human Capital Management through five phases.  Our assessments help to establish which phase the organisation is on currently in order to understand the route necessary to the next phase.  Each phase is assessed before progressing to the next phase so the Human Capital Management develops in a structured and planned manner leading to Optimised Human Capital Strategy and Management.

To understand what skills

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