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Personnel – HR – Human Capital – What’s Next?

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When Personnel became HR we noticed a few additional processes enter the workplace, such as Performance Appraisals.  When HR became Human Capital, we noticed very little change, except maybe an emphasis on Talent Management – but even that is a rather confused term.

The problem today is that HR / HC, whatever the current title, is changing again.  But what will be the new name?  What will we call the department that is fast becoming the most critical for business success in the future?

Here are a few options:

  • People Operations – popular in the Agile community and among firms such as Google and Uber
  • People @ {company name} – used by Facebook
  • Employee Experience – Airbnb
  • Employee Success – Salesforce
  • People Experience (PX) – Xero

Changes in departmental names and titles are an indication of how organisations are realising that highly engaged and productive people are crucial to their success. As a result, this “people” function is becoming more central to business strategy.

My question is, are we getting confused between a department title and the department’s brand?   For the department title, surely, we should be thinking along the lines of what it delivers?

So, what does this “new” HR department actually deliver?


At TalentAlign we help organisations create a workplace where the organisation and its people can grow and thrive and achieve their highest selves.

  • Speaking Engagements – Gail Sturgess is available to talk on People Transformation at public and private events
  • Workshops – We have a range of workshops relevant to Agile HR and People Transformation, from 3 hours to full-day
  • Facilitation – We don’t consult – we facilitate.  That way we help to build capacity and leave a sustainable future for your organisation.