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Our CORE™ Agile People Management Program

Are you responsible for managing people in an Agile work environment – or in the New Way of Working?  Then the CORE™ Agile People Management program is for you.
Whether you are an Executive, a Line Manager, an OD (Organisation Development) Specialist or TM (Talent Management) Specialist – the CORE™ Agile People Management program provides you with the knowledge and skills to manage people effectively in this New Way of Working.
Change is not new, but the pace, extent and type of change is certainly different to anything any of us has experienced before.
Becoming more adaptable, more flexible, and developing the ability to respond to change is a key priority for any and all businesses today, if you want to remain competitive, and be sustainable. It requires the right mindset, business model, innovative tools, and a different way of managing people to leverage core business competencies and achieve operational excellence.
This means that anyone involved in People Management today, needs to make this transition into 21st century People Operations.
At the core of the new People Operations is the realisation that people are the key for organisation success, and that People Management has to develop accordingly.

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What is the CORE™ Agile People Management Program?

The CORE™ Agile People Management program is a new and different way of looking at how people are managed for the New Way of Working.

It is a philosophy as well as a framework that helps you to build the knowledge and competencies to identify where changes are necessary, how to effect the changes, and how to implement them step at a time.

It is practical, meaning that you don’t just learn about the principles, but you learn to apply them in your own environment, and you do this through learning the “agile” way – that is “Learn while Doing, Do while Learning”.

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What our Clients say …

When asked for their feedback on the CORE™ Agile People Management program, our clients had the following to say:

  • “It is very well structured, making it easier to learn”
  • “This is how learning should really be”
  • “I like that I can learn in my own time”
  • “I really enjoy the coaching sessions that come with the learning”
  • “Being able to replay the learning, especially when I’m working on an assignment, really helps me to stabilise my thoughts”

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What Makes us Unique – The Options

What makes us unique is the way that you complete the program, as we have a variety of ways, all of them “agile”, and all of them keeping to the agile way of learning.

  1. First, there is the CORE™ Agile People Management Online training program.  This is a program that you do over a 16-week period.  The learning is “online”, and we meet (virtually) once a month, that is once every four lessons, to go over your learning, address any problems that you may be encountering, and coach you through to your understanding and adoption.  You submit your assignments weekly so we are able to give you good feedback based on the application of your learning.
  2. Then there is the CORE™ Solo HR Professionals Mastermind.  This program is aimed at Line Managers and HR Professionals in smaller organisations where there is generally just one, or a couple, of HR people.  We team you up with another 4 or 5 people in similar work environments into a Mastermind group.  Napoleon Hill described the Mastermind principle as, “the coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony.”  This group becomes your thinktank, your advisers, your confidants.  Together you work through the program, using the online lessons for learning, and the group for exploring how to apply the learning.  And, of course, we facilitate this.  This is agile learning at its very best.
  3. Our “flagship” product is the CORE™ Inhouse Mastermind.  With this Inhouse Mastermind we work with a team of 6 to 8 of your people on a specific agile transformation project.  We run this in accordance with Scrum principles, setting up Sprints and deliverables every 2 weeks, and virtual checkins at least 3 times weekly to check that we are on schedule.  We become your Agile People Coach to help you keep to the principles of agile and Scrum, and to hold you responsible for your promised deliverables.  We provide advice and guidance on the journey.  The CORE™ Inhouse Mastermind is the ultimate in customisable program delivery where you decide up front what needs to be delivered, and we customise the program to enable the appropriate learning and development.
  4. What’s more is, virtually each element of the CORE™ Agile People Management program is also available as a short workshop – 1-hour introduction to the topic, a 3-hour dig a big deeper, and a 1-day complete workshop on the topic.

With all of these choices there just has to be ONE that suits you.

Your Agile People Coach

We are also available as Agile People Coaches at any time, especially after any of these programs to help you stay on track with Agile principles and practices, to help you to evangelise these concepts, and to help you to work with people outside of your team to bring them on board with the New Way of Working.
Our CORE™ Agile People Management programs will help managers, human resources professionals, company decision-makers, and employees adopt the flexible, fluid, customer-focused mindset of modern organisations to inspire and engage their workers and strengthen their organisations.
Our CORE™ Agile People Management programs show you how to:

  • Enable management and HR to develop a changed mindset and use Agile practices to facilitate employee drive and performance
  • Empower employees to become motivated stakeholders
  • Adopt hiring, performance, learning, and remuneration practices that value attitude, behaviour, and competence
  • Create a passionate, loyal, and accomplished workforce.

No matter the size of your organisation, our CORE™ Agile People Management program helps to understand the Agile mindset and launch into a future filled with successful leadership and motivated and engaged employees.

Your Facilitators and Agile People Coaches

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Anja van Beek

Anja is an agile talent strategist, leadership consultant, mentor and coach with over 20 years of executive experience in the Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia regions.

She has lead multi-national teams through transition and change management.  Over the years Anja has become an expert in coaching leaders and teams in managing behavioural change in the ever-changing business landscape.

Anja’s focus is to consult executives and leaders from small businesses through to large organisations on all people-related aspects with a specific focus on integrating the talent of the business into the overall strategy.

Anja also works for a number of companies as a facilitator in the area of leadership development, mentoring and change management.

Anja’s specific interests are:

  • Corporate culture
  • Employee engagement and
  • Mentoring

with a specific focus on adopting the agile principles to support companies staying relevant.

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Gail Sturgess

Gail is a Coach, Facilitator, Consultant and Speaker with over 20 years in the field of Human Capital Strategy, Learning and Development, and Performance Management across the African continent.  Gail also has extensive IT experience as a Developer and Business Intelligence Analyst.

Gail has led major organisations through strategic organisation restructuring, role design, competency management, compensation benchmarking and performance enablement transitions.  Her focus as been on facilitating the change so that the learning becomes embedded and sustainable in the organisation.

Gail works with executives and their teams to improve business performance by:

  • Empowering people to adopt the flexible, fluid, customer-focused mindset of modern companies
  • Helping leaders to inspire their workers and strengthen their organisation
  • Empowering employees to become motivated stakeholders
  • Adopting people practices that value diversity, attitude, behaviour, and competence
  • Creating a passionate, loyal, and “talent-ful” workforce.

Gail’s mission is to help you create a workplace where people and the business grow and thrive together, to become their best and highest selves.

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So, How Much Does it Cost?

The costs of the different programs, exclusive of VAT, are:

Program US$ ZAR
CORE™ Agile People Management Online Training Program
Includes: 16 lessons, 15 Assignments, 4 Virtual Coaching sessions
750 11 250
CORE™ Solo HR Professionals Mastermind (per person, per month)
Includes: 16 lessons over 6 months, 15 Assignments
Virtual – Fortnighly Retrospectives, Twice weekly standups
200 3 500
CORE™ Inhouse Mastermind (per team – up to 8 people, per month)
Includes: 16 lessons, choice of project assignment
Virtual – Fortnightly Retrospectives , Twice weekly standups, Coaching
1 000 15 000
CORE™ Agile People Management Workshops (maximum 10 people)
Virtual or Face-to-face
One and a Half Hour Introduction to the topic
Half-day workshop
Full day workshop
1 050
4 500
8 000
15 500

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