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This is your invitation to our FREE Agile HR Open Mastermind!

Check your inbox for a link to the Agile HR Cape Town Meetup group (don’t worry about the name – it’s for you as well).  We look forward to chatting with you there.


If however …

you want to put yourself on a fast track to implementing Agile HR and help get your Agile IT team engaged and producing innovative, quality work in the shortest time ….

    • Culture, Mindset and Leadership

      Why is Culture so important for Agile transformation?  What can YOU do to help create a Culture that embraces, and thrives in, an Agile envrionment.  How Management can cause Agile to fail, and what you can do to prevent this.

    • Organisation and Roles

      How to structure, and what roles are actually needed, are some of the biggest challenges facing organisations that are “Going Agile”.

    • Ranks, Levels and Careers

      Traditional “Job Evaluation” really does not work in an Agile environment.  Learn how to create ranks and levels that fit comfortably into your Agile workplace, that are fair and equitable, and that actually assist people in their career and growth goals and challenges.

    • Engagement, Motivation and Reward

      Traditional Talent Management just doesn’t work in Agile environments.  Learn how Reward and Remuneration, Recruitment, and Learning and Development need to change to engage and motivate and make Agile truly effective

The world of work is changing – and it will never be the same again.  You are the vehicle that enables this change in your organisation.  Through you, people will have a better, more energised workplace where they can grow and develop in multiple directions.  Grab this opportunity – it’s yours today.

Gail Sturgess
Gail Sturgess

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