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It was good to meet you at the seminar.
Here is a video that summarises aspects of Agile Talent Management.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” width=”364″]Agile Talent Management by Gail Sturgess.  This video introduces a few key elements of Agile Talent Management.[/text_block]
  • From Job-based to Role-based organisations and the implications for Role Design
  • Agile Performance Management – what most organisations are moving to today.
  • Agile Remuneration – how Agile organisations use formula-based pay for the New Way of Working

We are pleased to announce that our various topics are now available as 2-hour, in-house workshops, or a full, one-day in-house workshop.
The benefits of in-house workshops are:

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Within the confines of the specific topic, our workshops can be customised to take into consideration your real-work challenges and specific development goals:

Company-specific examples can be used for examples and practice drills

The outcome of the practice drills are more relevant to the organisation

Consistency and standards around the topic are created through team learning

It improves the transfer of new skills to the specific jobs

Improves teamwork through sharing problems, pressures and ideas

Generally more cost effective if more than four people are to be trained


Workshop topics include:

Introduction to Agile and Scrum

Agile Talent Management Strategy

Agile Career Management

Agile Performance Management

Agile Remuneration

Agile Learning and Development

Agile Leadership

Agile Recruitment

Manage Unconscious Bias

Develop Your CQ (Culture Intelligence)

Workshop Cost
(Exclusive of VAT)

2-Hours Workshops = R2500 plus R150 per person
Maximum of 12 people

Full Day Workshop = R8500 plus R250 per person
Maximum 15 people

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Not Ready for a Workshop?  That’s OK.
Book a Complimentary 1-hour Strategy Session instead.

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Book a 1-hour Strategy Session with Gail on:
Agile HR
Agile Talent Management


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