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Measure to Manage

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Workforce ROI Calculator

HCMI’s Workforce ROI Calculator™ is the first-ever quick and easy to use advanced analytics tool that quantifies the financial impact of workforce interventions. Forecast cost savings and value creation scenarios for the entire organization, entity, or business unit, and for specific position groups or critical job roles. The calculator was created as a simple template to generate the maximum amount of value creation, financial cost, and ROI information from the fewest possible data inputs.
The purpose of the Workforce ROI Calculator™ is to provide HR and Finance professionals a straightforward tool to analyze and predict workforce cost and value implications. Specific areas of analysis include workforce productivity, engagement, performance, retention, mobility and training, among others.
Why use this calculator? Finance organizations have been using standard net present value (NPV), return on investment (ROI), and internal rate of return (IRR) templates and calculation models for decades; yet no such calculator has existed until now to quantify or support data driven decision making for the workforce.

Workforce Planning

HCMI’s proprietary Workforce Planning Templates model workforce supply and demand based on workforce cost, company financial projections, headcount and workforce skills.  These scenario-based modelling tools project workforce demand and supply drivers to identify critical issues and gaps. HCMI’s advanced Workforce Planning Templates and focused expertise enable organizations to optimize headcount and cost models, and rapidly achieve their strategic business and financial objectives.
HCMI’s Workforce Planning Templates trend Total Cost of Workforce against an organization’s projected strategic plan by optimizing financial and workforce scenarios. These advanced templates link traditional headcount planning, workforce skills analysis, and financial models to provide an integrated workforce planning perspective.

Human Capital Financial Statements

Over the last 25 years the market value for S&P 500 companies has deviated greatly from their book value. This “value gap” indicates that physical and financial assets reflected on a company’s balance sheet comprise less than 20% of the true value of the average company. The balance is attributable to intangible assets—predominantly Human Capital.
Organizations can, and must, find better ways of measuring their investments in human capital. The workforce is the largest expenditure for most organizations, and while there are many time-tested ways to value the tangible inputs that drive all businesses, few exist to provide an accurate means to value and manage the workforce.
In partnership with the Human Capital Management Institute, TalentAlign works with you to produce your Human Capital Financial Statements.  Human Capital Financial Statements will help you accurately value and manage the workforce, by determining it’s financial value. Human Capital Financial Statements include the following:

  • Human Capital Flow Statement—breaks down major workforce flows across the Talent Management lifecycle.
  • Human Capital Asset Statement—quantifies total Human Capital value and the total Human Capital value added over and above the total cost of the workforce.
  • Human Capital Impact Statement—quantifies the workforce impact on financial results.


How does an organization measure the value of talent and efforts to manage that talent?  How is Productivity quantified?  And on which workforce areas should we focus?
The only way to truly value talent is to make connections between human capital, business, and financial data.  Solve not only makes those connections, but also provides groundbreaking tools to analyze and predict the most critical workforce factors.

  • Integrated Financial, Business, Customer and Human Capital Data
  • Predictive Workforce Analytics and Scenario Planning
  • Workforce Data Standards and Advanced Metrics

For many organizations, the workforce is the biggest asset.  Yet we continue to struggle to quantify the value of workforce decisions. Until now. Solve enables organizations to rapidly perform advanced analytics and planning and enable true data driven decision making for the workforce.
Solve the human capital value equation with the first-ever advanced analytics and planning tool that enables real-time scenario modelling.

  • Paint pictures and identify stories with workforce data, provide actionable insights, and quantify value creation and cost savings opportunities.
  • Quantify and Predict Human Capital Value
  • Achieve the ultimate endpoint for human capital reporting, planning and analytics.

To find out how your organisation can benefit from these unique Human Capital Analytics products and services contact us.

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