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Employee Engagement

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We have found that in most cases organisations underestimate the value of Employee Engagement.  Employee Engagement has NOTHING to do with how happy the staff are!  And we can’t say that loudly enough.

What Employee Engagement REALLY is about is the quality of leadership in the organization. Employee Engagement tells us which managers are good leaders – and WHY!!  And which managers are NOT good leaders – and WHY!!

So, from the analysis of Employee Engagement the organization is able to put in place Leadership Development interventions specifically designed around the precise needs of the individual managers.

This is a critical element of Organisational Performance, and should be at the forefront of every HR Executives strategy.

Since it’s inception, all research has shown that “engaged” employees are:

  • More Productive
  • Create more Profit, and
  • Create a better Customer experience which leads to better Customer Loyalty.

But this is driven by the manager’s ability to create the environment that manifests “engaged” employees.

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