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Capability Management – Capability Index

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What is a Capability Management, and how do you use the Capability Index? Well ..

How you do answer these questions –

  • “How much better is our workforce THIS year than it was last year?”
  • “How much better do we need the workforce to be NEXT year?”
  • “Are we, in fact, building a BETTER workforce year-on-year?”

There are many metrics that measure the effectiveness of HR and HR processes and activities.  However, there are precious few metrics that measure the effect of these HR processes and activities on the workforce itself.  And yet, isn’t this what business needs today?  Business wants to know how the VALUE and EFFECTIVENESS of the WORKFORCE is improving – each year, year-on-year.

The Capability Index is a metric that measures both individual performance and individual competence, and maps these two scores to give an “index”.  This Index can then be plotted for individuals, a team, workgroup, department, or the organization as a whole.  Improvements to the Index are built into goals – for individuals, team, workgroups, etc., and each period is measured and mapped to show how well the organisation is developing its Organizational Capability – one of the measures that helps to understand how well the organisation is achieving its goals.

The Capability Index is one of a battery of tools that we have to help you to:

  • Measure, manage and monitor improvements in your human assets,
  • Understand the value of the human assets to the organisation,
  • Show executive management the impact of improvements on the organisation’s bottom line.

This is a metric that we will assist you to create, measure and monitor, using our IT Competency Framework. It’s not a “quick fix” – nothing worthwhile ever is!  But imagine presenting to the EXCO of your organization this time next year, and demonstrating how the VALUE of the WORKFORCE and their EFFECTIVENESS has improved, and what’s more, how it is going to improve even more in the next year. That is what EXCOs want – and need to hear!

CLICK HERE to contact TalentAlign to help you set up YOUR Capability Index and set yourself on the path of improving Organisational Capability.

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