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Welcome to the TalentAlign IT/HR KnowledgeBase.

The TalentAlign IT/HR Knowledge Base is intended to help both HR Business Partners responsible for one of more areas of IT as well as IT Line Managers wanting to understand more about their people management responsibilities and improve as IT managers.

HRIS-and-HCMAs we mention on the Home page, HR Management is different to Human Capital Management.   HR management includes all the important aspects relating to people management.  Human Capital Management on the other hand includes all the areas the help management drive value into the organisation through their people.  This is indisputably the accountability of management, facilitated by HR.

In the IT/HR Knowledge Base you will find a number of articles in the following categories:

  • IT Organisation Design
  • IT Capability Management
  • IT Competency Management
  • IT Knowledge Management
  • IT Career Management
  • IT Leadership Development
  • IT Employee Engagement
  • IT Reward Management
  • IT Workforce and Succession Planning, and
  • IT Workforce Analytics

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