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Inhouse Mastermind

Agile used to be ‘a techie thing’!  Now, somewhat nervously, it’s becoming an ‘enterprise thing.’  And HR is front and centre of the success of that transformation.

Find out exactly what Agile HR means, why it matters, and how to push the Agile agenda without endlessly smashing your head against the wall.

What is Agile People Management?

Harvard Business Review defines it as “a move away from a rules- and planning-based approach toward a simpler and faster model driven by feedback from participants”.

It’s about adopting the structures, attitudes, processes and tools to become more flexible, more nimble and faster in your decision-making and actions.  It’s about how you change the culture to lead, hire, manage, promote and empower your people in the New Way of Working.

There are two ways that you can start this journey:  1. you can go on a 2-day course and then try to put it into practice over a period, or 2. you can form a group inhouse, with an expert facilitator and trainer, and do it the Agile way—Learn while Doing, and Do while Learning.

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Click the button below to learn more about our CORE™ Agile People Management framework (CORE™ APM) on which the Inhouse Mastermind is based.

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What is a Mastermind?

The Mastermind was first suggested by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” as the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

A Mastermind is a group of peers that get together, with a common interest or objective.  They meet on a regular basis to share best practices and help make better decisions.  They use brainstorming to support each other and, by creating an environment of trust and rapport, help each person create success.

They share what they learn and have read, and enable people to reach peak potential, and have a structured way of achieving this.

Agile People Management is a Two-Edged Sword

Agile means focussing on, and prioritising the most valuable work and delivering meaningful results more frequently.  But Agile People Management is a two-edge sword.

  • Agile4People Management – delivering People Management projects quicker and being more interactive and adaptable
  • People Management4Agile – facilitating agility in the organisation, from leadership to teams.

HR Professionals, responsible for recruiting, training and development, communication, and compliance, and operating with large demands from the business, benefit through Lean/Agile concepts of prioritising for value and maximising flow.

Those handling compensation, payroll, and benefits, and managing dozens of “business only” projects every year, realise that continuous planning, and mapping work back to strategic goals, brings greater visibility to their work and helps to manage the expectations of their stakeholders better.

Those responsible for managing the people in the organisation, ie. managers,  find that their portfolio changes to include setting product directions, making staffing decisions, and helping team members with professional development.  Building trust between management and the teams doing the work is of critical importance.

The critical role of People Management in Agile Transformation is cross-functional participation in prioritising and planning work.  This includes:

  • focus on value and prioritisation
  • better management of the portfolio of demand across the team or organisation
  • optimising the pool of talent available, and
  • ensuring that work being requested is aligned to the HR organisation’s aim to close critical capability gaps and implement strategic objectives.

As you can tell, an Agile Transformation is a significant program of change in an organisation.  And we can help!

If you feel ready to get going, then let us set up an Inhouse Mastermind for your team or for your organisation and, over a period of months, you will not only learn about Agile People Management, but you will also start implementing Agile People Management processes in your organisation.  And the clincher is – you will do all this while experiencing the benefits of Agile for yourself through the methodology of the Inhouse Mastermind program.

Click the button below for all the details of our CORE™ Agile People Management framework (CORE™ APM) and attend Lesson 1 for a taste of what we cover in the program.

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