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Human Capital Management – Managing the Remote Workforce

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One of the most vexing questions that IT Human Capital Management faces today is how to manage the Mobile Workforce.

With communication technology where it is today – and getting even better – there is absolutely no reason that most people need to be in an office. And there are positions that lend themselves to remote, or mobile, work environments.  Positions such as telephonists, call centre operators, developers, application support specialists, sales executives …  And the list can go on.

The challenge lies not in how this can be achieved, but rather in how does management function with a remote and mobile workforce.  Our “traditional” management styles just do not know how to cope.  So, we need to develop a new style of management.  In this Harvard Business Review article, learn how WordPress has learnt to manage with a 100% remote workforce.

How WordPress Thrives with a 100% Remote Workforce – Scott Berkun – Harvard Business Review

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