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Practical, Holistic, Innovative business change

We work with you and your team to implement modern change methodologies, using data, technology, and expert facilitators, to develop your “Future Fit” organisation.

Before Covid, would you have described your organisation as being “Future Fit”? And now??

Being “Future Fit” is not about having a long-range strategy, though that’s important. Being “Future Fit” is being able to adapt any and all aspects of your Business Model, quickly and as easily as possible, when a dramatic event, like Covid, hits us. Covid is not the only kaleidoscopic change that we will experience. The world is changing in new and different ways. Change is no longer linear – its exponential and multivariate. We need different approaches if we want to thrive now and in the future.

To succeed, business leaders and people managers need new ways of organising, performing, and leading, along with new approaches to sourcing, developing, and engaging people. In short – new ways of business, new ways of working.

TalentAlign OD is a full-service transformation service provider for IT, Digital, and People (HR) Transformation.  We work with organisations and institutions across all industries to make them more resilient, adaptive, and innovative – and future-fit them in the process.

Our clients leverage their potential by reinventing and repositioning IT, Digital and People in a way that significantly strengthens and energises their workforce and organisations – leading to higher value, impact, and continued success.

The TalentAlign OD difference

We don’t consult, advise or coach, we partner with you and work with your team, using smart tools and proven processes to help you create your Future Fit organisation.

IT, Digital and People Transformation is our business and our passion.  We have proudly served the business, IT and HR community since 2006, and we look forward to being your trusted partner on your discovery and transformation journey.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a video of our Prospectus that explains what we do, why we do it, how we do it, and who we are. There is also a downloadable file of the Prospectus.

Our Solutions

TalentAlign OD specialises in working with organisations looking to move from surviving to thriving in this fast-changing world.  We understand that lasting change requires changing individuals, teams, and the systems that shape how they interact.

Because of our unique combination of expertise in IT, Finance, Digitalisation, Projects, Sales, Change Management and People Operations, we are able to offer our clients solutions in specific areas of concern today.

Our solutions are designed to map into our clients strategy for organisation success today and into the future.


According to research by McKinsey, Forbes, et al, more than 70% of Digital Transformation projects fail. There are various reasons given for this, but putting them all together the overarching reason is that Digitalisation is approached on a piecemeal basis, instead of looking at is wholistically, and organisation-wide.

Digitalisation, today, sits at the confluence of business processes, technology and people, and can impact almost all moving parts of the organisations business model.

We help you define your “Digital-by-Default” DNA. Read more …


The years 2020/2021 are being called the “greatest remote work experiment ever”. And, we have learnt a lot in that period. More importantly, we have learnt how “Work-from-Anywhere” can help organisations be more productive and cost-effective.

For this reason, we don’t see “Work-from-Anywhere” as a “policy-issue”. There are just too many moving parts, too many “independent variables” in the equation, to allow it to be just about policy. We see “Work-from-Anywhere” as a strategic initiative in organisations. An initiative that needs to see improvements in the business and return on investment. Read more …

“Performance Enablement”

Organisations and economies everywhere have suffered severe, and sometimes critical blows as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  There is hardly an organization that is not licking its wounds and working out ways to recover and get back to being successful.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  For over 20 years, some of the most successful organisations around the world have adopted Goal-oriented Performance Enablement to drive growth and innovation and remain competitive in this fast-changing, unpredictable business environment. Read more ...

“Psychological Safety in the Workplace”

Whether your employees are office-based or work remotely, psychological safety is a must-have for any high-performing organisation.

Psychologically safe workplaces allow for healthier, more productive and more inclusive workforces. They also provide the environments in which innovation can thrive and people can perform at their best.

As organisations navigate new and ever-increasing and diverse challenges, the need for psychological safety is growing. Read more …

“OD (Organisation Development) as a Service”

Our OD Advisory as a Service provides a tailored personal service, delivering outcomes and trusted advice when your business needs it, enabling you to focus on what you do best. 

This unique subscription service can flex as per the size and needs of the business.  It consists of 3 key components:

  • Initial “health check”
  • Core service
  • Elective Services

Read more …

Our Services

Our products and services are incorporated into our solutions when and where relevant but, are also offered on a stand-alone basis.

We offer services in 5 different areas of Organisation Development:

  • Assessment and Measurement
  • Organisation Design – Tomorrow’s Workforce Today
  • Future Leadership
  • Agile OD and HR
  • Accountability Coaching

To read more, click on any of the headings below:

Organisation Capability Maturity Assessment and Modelling

More effective transformation management by knowing where to start, what to do next – and why!

Human Capital
Score Card

Presenting essential “people”-related data for times of change, competition, and rapid growth

Designing Reconfigurable Organisations

A new and different approach to Organisation Design and Structural Agility

Role and Competency Definition and Profiling

Defining the building blocks of the Reconfigurable Organisation

Strategic Career Framework Design and Implementation

Lack of career opportunity is the No 1 reason that people leave organisations today

Goal-oriented Performance Enablement

Processes and tools to enable performance – especially in times of organisational growth

Leading in the New Way of Working

Assisting leaders and managers to adapt to the New Ways of Managing

Remote Worker Management Services

Skills to enable and empower leaders to successfully manage a remote workforce – now and into the future


Ensure sustainability of the OD interventions and achievement of goals

The Design Sprint

Your “superpower” to fast-forward innovation and rapidly solve big challenges, create new products, or improve existing ones

Agile OD and HR

How to use Agile principles and practices in OD and HR and throughout the organisation.

Our Products

We continue to source modern products than enhance our service and solution delivery and provide our clients with modern and current products.

Our products and services are incorporated into our solutions and services when and where relevant but, are also offered on a stand-alone basis.

We offer products in 3 different areas of Organisation Development:

  • Assessments
  • Organisation Design
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


OrgCMF – Organisational Change Readiness Assessment

The Organisation Capability Maturity Framework (OrgCMF™) is a set of Bodies of Knowledge, Reference Models, Techniques and Tools, based on the DSMT Capability Maturity Standard, that enables organisations and teams to continuously improve their capability and performance in line with the aims and ambitions for Change, Improvement and Transformation.  OrgCMF™ is like a compass.  It lets you know whether you’re on track for success, and, if not, what you should do to get the transformation back on track in order to progress further.  It’s your method of measuring the continuous improvement of your transformation project and your roadmap to transformation success. Read more …

MyPeople – High Performance Teams

A specialist software tool that measures the environmental, behavioural, and psychological factors that affect teams and assesses this data alongside performance and capability reviews, to create better team environments and empower people to develop and perform to the best of their ability.  MyPeople enables you to:

  • Understand and improve your teams
  • Grow, scale and protect your organisation’s culture
  • Help your people to become great
  • Be confident in your training plans
  • Enhance your hiring fit
  • Live and breathe your values – Don’t just hang them on a wall

Read more …

Organisation Design

Reconfig – Data-driven Organisation Design

Reconfig is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) software tool for data collection, analysis and optimisation of organisational structures to help leaders design more effective, higher performing organisations through AI-powered decision support.  The purpose is to help support decisions about organisation design by:

  • Mapping the current organisation
  • Identifying the best way to align the formal structure with the work processes
  • Optimising the organisation by minimising coordination cost (at the team, sub-unit, or org. level)

Reconfig makes it possible to conduct a data-based organisation design process to:

  • Align the organisation structure with the work processes
  • Reduce internal complexity
  • Create flexible and focussed units to increase productivity and reduce cost.

Read more …

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Knockri – Enhance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Knockri is a ML (Machine Learning) tool that helps remove human bias in the hiring or internal mobility process.  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have become a goal that many organisations strive to achieve.  Knockri addresses the issue of diversity in hiring by removing barriers for organisations and enabling candidate selection practices that predict performance and improve diversity.

Knockri uses sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) models that only analyse the relevant behavioural content of each interviewee’s transcript, and how it relates to performance on-the-job.

Knockri’s NLP models take a different approach, grounded in scientific theory, which are transparent and enable purely objective scoring and go beyond “good psychometrics” and effectively drive DEI metrics for your organisation.

Using Knockri helps you hire Better, Faster, and Fairer.

Read more …

Below is a fairly short, 20-minute video summary of our “Prospectus” that explains what we do, why we do it, how we do it and who we are. Below the video is a pdf document of the Prospectus that you can download.