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Just for registering, we would like to offer you our free gift – the TalentAlign Competency Value Calculator.  Just click on this link TalentAlign Competency Value Calculator to download.  And click on this link TalentAlign Competency Value Calculator Example to download a sample that we did for a Programmer/Developer.

Have you ever wondered what the value of the Competencies needed by your organisation are?  Have you ever wondered if your people meet the value of Competencies for which they are paid?  This tool will help you.

It is an Excel spreadsheet, and the first “sheet” is instructions on how to use the TalentAlign Competency Value Calculator.  The second “sheet” is the calculator.  There is a drop-down list of Competencies so you don’t have to be overly creative to get this going.  Save different files for each of the critical jobs in the organisation, then compare incumbents with the value of the job to the organisation.  You’ll be surprised.

We hope that this will be useful to you and look forward to your feedback.

Gail Sturgess