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HR Leaders 5 Steps to the C-Suite

HR Leaders

Do you need to get out of the “Admin Bog”
 and become a “Value Driver?”

5 Steps to Getting YOU from “Admin Bog” to “Value Driver”

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Too many HR Leaders remain “bogged down” with administrative issues.   And the bigger problem is, they are busy delivering “things” – but not all the “things” that are needed and wanted by the C-Suite.

Things like remuneration problems, IR/ER processes, and managing diverse groups.

This workshop will give you the tools to get out of the “bog” and become more strategy-creating


We cover the Five-Step Plan to get you from being “bogged down” to being Strategy-creating. The workshop covers:

  • The 3 problems that keep you out of the C-Suite
  • The difference between transaction and value driven
  • The 5-Step Plan to get you from Admin Bog to the C-Suite


Organisation Benefits:

  • An organisation ready and able to respond to change
  • Talent able to learn and re-learn as necessary
  • HR and a workforce focussed on driving value

Personal Benefits

  • A seat at the C-suite table
  • Skills and abilities that are in high demand

We believe that HR Leaders have a critical role to play in the future of organisations.

Today’s world is nothing like what we have known before – and it’s never going to be the same again.  The increasing rate of change – it is anticipated that the 21st Century will experience the equivalent of 20 000 years of change! – means that organisations have to be more flexible, more adaptable, and ready to change, at almost every level, in the shortest time possible.

More than ever, organisations need a culture, mindset and talent that can be flexed to suit the requirement of the day.  If HR Leaders are to play a leading role going forward, if they are to become more People Operations oriented, they need to move away from administrative, transactional issues, and become more strategic – at a business level!

Details …

Half-day Workshop

DURATION:       3 Hours

PARTICIPANTS:  3 to 12 People

COST:     R7 750 (exclu of VAT)*

Full-day Workshop

DURATION:       7 Hours

PARTICIPANTS:  3 to 12 People

COST:     R14 760 (exclu of VAT)*

*Exclusive of third-party costs (travel and accomodation, venue, catering)

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