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Thank you for downloading our Free research report on “Linking Human Capital to Business Success”


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But wait – before you download it, we would like to remind you of all the other information available Free from TalentAlign.

IT/HR Guru Blog – Our Blog will keep you informed of all the latest thought-leadership when it comes to Human Capital Management.  We want to help to make your journey as easy as possible, so we provide as much information as possible to help you.

IT/HR KnoweldgeBase – The KnowledgeBase contains articles, presentations, white papers and any other information that we come across and/or write that will add to your knowledge of Human Capital Management and help you on this journey.

Then, for as little as US$ 79 (ZAR 650) you can get one of our leading ITJobCompiler Job Descriptions PLUS Competency Profile.  Our Job Descriptions and Competency Profiles give you more job-related information than any other available in the market today, and they are kept up-to-date and relevant.

A consultant will charge US$ 250 (ZAR 2000) or more for just the Job Description.  And all you get is a piece of paper.  At TalentAlign your Job Descriptions and Competency Profiles are maintained in a special Repository – just for your use.  And … you can share access to the Repository with others in your organization.

The ITJobCompiler allows you to:

  • Select from already populated Job Descriptions
  • Customize for your own use
  • Create a Competency Profile for each job
  • Safely store your Job Descriptions and Competency Profiles
  • Share access to your Job Descriptions and Competency Profiles with others in your organisation
  • Manage and maintain your Job Descriptions and Competency Profiles so that you always have the latest information at hand.

And all this for as little as US$ 79 (ZAR 650) per Job Descriptions.

If you’re not already using this incredible tool, our only question can be – why not?

If you would like a free trial, please contact us.

If all you want right now is the Free Report, go ahead and download it by clicking the button below.  But, when you are looking for Job Descriptions, don’t forget to come back to TalentAlign.


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