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Digital Transformation and the War for Talent

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Most organisations today are undergoing constant change resulting from new technologies, new competitors, declining profit margins, cost pressure, and the necessity to meet changing consumer needs.

Although digital transformation was seen as one of the ways to ease these pressures, the COVID-19 crisis is making digital transformation even more pressing. As the pandemic takes its toll on businesses, organisations are also forced to adopt to an ever-changing environment defined by supply chain disruptions, evolving regulatory requirements, intense competition, lockdowns, and social distancing norms.

The image below shows the results of a survey published by GlobalData entitled “Digital Transformation and Emerging Technology in the Healthcare Industry – 2020 Edition“. My bet is that the results reflected not only apply to Healthcare, but to most industries and businesses today.


Top of the list is lack of skills and talent for effective digital implementation. With Covid-19, and organisational budgets taking a knock, organisations need to look at how talent is used in the organisation, and how to multi-skill the existing workforce so that it can be used flexibly within the organisation.

Technology is no longer viewed as enabling business, but as driving it. It is fundamental to number of operations and is changing the value chain in a disruptive way. As the new technologies are being adopted, it is important to understand what opportunities and challenges they bring.

Our DMI (Digital Maturity Index) model and assessment can help you to understand both the opportunities and the challenges to enable you to make better decisions on your Digital Transformation journey.

For more information on DMI, click here. To discuss how DMI can help your organisation or to discuss how we can assist in developing role profiles that better suit a digital and agile organisation, complete the form below and we will be in touch directly.

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