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About TalentAlign_old - What we do!

We help you to better understand the IT workforce that is needed to drive IT and business strategy, and we help you to achieve it.

There are four elements to TalentAlign

  • TalentAlign ITJobCompiler - more about IT jobs that you will know what to do with,
  • TalentAlign StrategicHRCoach - working with you to build workforce success,
  • TalentAlign IT/HR KnowledgeBase - a database of incredibly useful information to help you succeed in IT/HR,
  • Books@TalentAlign - a bookstore relevant to Human Capital Management.

TalentAlign ITJobCompiler

The TalentAlign ITJobCompiler saves you time and money, and lots of it, in building the foundation for effective Human Capital Management.

We do this by helping you put together a Career Development Roadmap™ and Competency Matrix and linking these to your TalentAlign ITJobCompiler repository of IT Role and Competency information to help streamline the processes of your IT Human Capital Management.

You achieve savings through:

  • Reduced Time to Implement
  • Improved People Practices
    • Clearly Defined Career Paths
    • Improved Retention
    • Improved Training Plans
    • Optimised remuneration
  • Your people are happier because:
    • Everyone knows what is expected of them
    • Everyone knows how to grow and develop in the organization

In other words ...

We improve YOUR organization’s bottom line!

And if we improve your bottom line, that leaves more for you above the line for other projects and more time for you to take them on.

TalentAlign StrategicHRCoach

Our goal is to help organizations to fundamentally change the way they make decisions about their workforce, starting with strategy.

We work with you to create a better understanding of the workforce that you need to drive business success, and we help you to achieve it.

We do this with out of the box thinking, pushing you, and moving you to places you never thought you would reach, but you always wanted to be there.<

We work with you on IT workforce

  • Strategy,
  • Structure,
  • Management and
  • Operations

We help you to manage and measure people as "assets", rather than as "expenses" - showing how to drive Organizational Effectiveness through your People.

TalentAlign IT/HR KnowledgeBase

A library of information, articles, case studies, and anything that we think will help you to better understand and function in the IT/HR environment.


We do a LOT of reading, and reference most of this in our articles, blogs, and coaching assignments.  All of these books, and more, are available for you to purchase right here on TalentAlign.  No need to search through endless lists, and wonder what terms you should be using to search successfully.  It's all here - all the really great books to help you move from HR to Human Capital Management.

What Information do YOU Need?

By giving us feedback, you will help us to help you better. Please email us to let us know if we are "hitting the mark", what other information you would like, and, in general, to let us know how we can continue to be of service to you.