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5 myths and realities of IT culture change | CIO

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For significant Transformations to be successful, there needs to be change in culture and mindset in the organisation.  This article discusses the “myths” of culture change for organisations.  These myths are:

Myth: Culture is intangible
Reality: Culture is behaviours and values reinforced by actions

Myth: IT can change its culture all on its own
Reality: IT must be aligned with the organization’s overall ethos

Myth: Technologists can make the shift on their own
Reality: CIOs must guide IT culture change

Myth: Culture change starts at the top
Reality: Culture change can start from anywhere (even IT) — and involves work from everyone

Myth: All big changes necessitate culture change
Reality: Behavioural or process changes can be more manageable, and just as good

Source: 5 myths and realities of IT culture change | CIO

For any change to be effective, you need to measure where you are now – not just at the beginning, but throughout the journey.  You have to know that you are on track and, if not, what to do about it.

Our 3 Maturity Indices do exactly that:

  • Team Maturity Index (TMI) – an assessment of the alignment of teams with the objectives, actions, and culture of the organisation
  • Organisation Maturity Index (OMI) – an assessment of the current capability of the organisation, as a whole, to address changes brought about by the new volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world facing organisations today
  • Digital Maturity Index (DMI) – an assessment of the readiness of the organisation for the disruption brought about by technology and digital innovation facing organisations today

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